Working in Germany and the United States of America

Working in Germany and the United States of America

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Diese Broschüre informiert Sie über das Sozialversicherungsabkommen und seine Auswirkungen.

You have worked in the USA before or you are intending to immigrate to the USA? You are an American citizen and are working in Germany now? You might be wondering how your work in different countries will affect your pension in the future since the social security systems are organised differently in the USA and Germany. That’s right, but just rest assured! Germany and the United States of America have closed a Social Security Agreement to head off possible disadvantages for you.

This brochure will inform you about the details of the German-American Social Security Agreement, its effects on German Law and the claims you have within the USA. In case additional questions still should remain unanswered, please feel free to get in touch with us at any time.

This brochure was prepared with great care. Nevertheless, we cannot assume liability for the correctness of information on foreign law. Please contact in each case locally responsible authorities to receive definite legal information. Thank you. Our brochure also offers you all information in English. Legally binding, however – and only for German Law – is the German version.

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