Foto: Mann sitzt auf FahrradThe goal of rehabilitation is your partial or complete (re-)integration into working life. The fundamental principle applies: Rehabilitation has priority over pension. This means: Before you can receive a pension owning to reduced earning capacity, we will check if rehabilitation can be carried out and if you can regain your earning capacity.

In order to receive rehabilitation benefit, you need to fulfil the requirements under insurance law and the personal requirements. The rehabilitation must be medically necessary. It is a good idea to submit a current medical report or a medical assessment for this. You must also have fulfilled a certain minimum insurance period (qualifying period) in the statutory pension insurance scheme.

You have to apply for every rehabilitation benefit. No exclusion reasons must be present. An exclusion reason would be receiving a full old-age pension, for example.

The statutory pension insurance scheme differentiates between different benefits in relation to rehabilitation.

Medical Rehabilitation

Medical rehabilitation lasts an average of three weeks. It can take place in a rehabilitation clinic as an inpatient, but increasingly as an outpatient or semi-inpatient, close to your home. A medical benefit for rehabilitation can be carried out a further time after four years at the earliest. Exception: It is necessary earlier for health reasons.

Integration in Working Life

Benefits for participation in working life are to help you integrate you into working life for as long as possible, despite illness or disability. There are measures to help you retain your job, but also possibilities for training and advanced training that may open completely new professional perspectives to you.

Supplementary Benefits

The supplementary benefits include, above all, transitional payments that the pension insurance pays you when your wage or salary payments stop during a rehabilitation measure. You can also receive the necessary travel expenses and, in some cases, costs for help in the home.

Other Benefits

Other benefits include rehabilitation after cancer diseases and therapy for the children of insured persons. Therapy for children is intended to prevent early limitation of earning capacity later in life.

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