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Foto: Mann sitzt am Tisch und hält eine Renteninformation in seinen Händen Payments of statutory pension insurance such as pensions, rehabilitation benefits or contribution refunds must be applied for. They are fundamentally not paid “automatically”. Fulfilling the eligibility requirements alone is not enough to receive the respective payment.

In statutory pension insurance, the application can also be made verbally or via email. However in order to ensure that the application is processed correctly, you need to fill and sign in the necessary forms.

Applications may be submitted by persons who are insured or entitled and are aged 16 or over. Your legal representative or a person authorised by you can also make the application. The application for pension insurance benefits can be made at any office that makes social service payments. The office does not have to be responsible for your particular case. Your local city or municipal administrations, as well as German diplomatic missions abroad and insurance offices, are also authorised to receive pension applications.

To keep the processing time as short as possible, it is a good idea to file your pension application directly with the pension fund responsible for you, with one of the regional or local information and advice centres, or via one of the voluntary insurance advisers, and to include the necessary original documents such as your identity card, birth certificate, any relevant death certificate, certificates of insurance and training, etc. Please note: If you make your application late, the start of your pension payments may be delayed.

Applications for rehabilitation benefits and/or integration benefits can also be made at the reciprocal service centres of the rehabilitation agencies and/or rehabilitation advisors.

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