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Annual Report 2018

2018 was a year of stability and growth for the German Pension Insurance. Contribution revenues increased due to higher employment and higher wages, and pensions were significantly raised – by 3.22 per cent in Western Germany and by 3.37 percent in Eastern Germany. In contrast, the contribution rate was reduced from 18.7 to 18.6 per cent in early 2018 and remained unchanged at the beginning of 2019.

A set of measures labeled as the Pension Pact was introduced at the end of 2018, delivering improvements both for pension contributors and pensioners such as limits for the contribution rate and the pension level (a standardised replacement rate) up to 2025. Additionally, invalidity pensions and the recognition of child-raising periods for parents (Mothers’ Pension) have increased and the transition zone for low-wage earners has been expanded. There are also ongoing discussions regarding the introduction of mandatory retirement provision for the self-employed as agreed in the coalition agreement, a basic pension and cross-pillar pension information. The German Pension Insurance will continue to follow this process constructively. It is also involved in the work of the Pensions Commission, which is to develop guidelines for the contribution rate and the pension level post-2025.

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