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With which countries has Germany signed social security agreements?

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The Federal Republic of Germany has currently signed mutual social security agreements with 20 countries. These agreements essentially regulate the acquisition of pension eligibility and the payment of pensions in the respective countries.

On the issue of pension insurance, the Federal Republic of Germany is allied with:

Table: Social Security Agreement
States – CountryFlagdate signed
AustraliaFlagge Australien1.1.2003
AlbaniaFlagge Republik Albanien1.12.2017
BrazilFlagge Brasilien1.5.2013
Bosnia and HerzegovinaFlagge Bosnien-Herzegowina1.9.1969
ChileFlagge Chile1.1.1994
IndiaFlagge Indien1.5.2017
IsraelFlagge Israel1.5.1975
JapanFlagge Japan1.2.2000
Canada and QuebecFlagge Kanada1.4.1988
KosovoFlagge Kosovo1.9.1969
MoroccoFlagge Marokko1.8.1986
North MacedoniaFlagge Mazedonien1.1.2005
MontenegroFlagge Montenegro1.9.1969
PhilippinesFlagge Philippinen1.6.2018
Republic of KoreaFlagge Korea1.1.2003
Republic of Moldova Flagge der Republik Moldau1.3.2019
SerbiaFlagge Serbien1.9.1969
TunisiaFlagge Tunesien1.8.1986
TurkeyFlagge Türkei1.11.1965
UruguayFlagge Uruguay - Quelle: Wikimedia Commons 1.2.2015
USAFlagge USA1.12.1979

The Federal Republic of Germany has currently signed a special agreement, a so-called delegation agreement with the following country:

Table: State
CountryFlagdate signed

Peoples` Republic of China

Flagge China


The delegation agreement regulates that employees, who are temporarily sent by their company to work in another agreement country, do not have to pay double contributions to pension insurance and unemployment benefit (double insurance). Further regulations concerning, for example, the acquisition of pension eligibility or payment of pensions are not covered in the agreement.

Who does the Social Security Agreement Apply to?

The social security agreement primarily benefits the nationals of the respective agreement countries. Depending on the agreement however, they can also be applied to the benefit of other persons who are not nationals of the respective agreement country.

You can find out further information on the individual social security agreements here:

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