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Please note that even a pension which has already been approved can, in some cases, be reduced or even cancelled, if you transfer your usual place of residence to another country. Usually your pension will not change, but there are exceptions:

Receiving a German Pension in Another Country

You are therefore legally obliged to register a change of address. By doing this, you can find out the amount of pension you are entitled to receive in another country and avoid having to pay any money back at a later date.

If possible you should inform the pension service of Deutsche Post AG at least two months before you move, so that your pension can be transferred without interruption. This is because even if the amount of pension does not change, the transfer takes time owing to technical reasons. The address is:

Deutsche Post AG
Niederlassung Renten Service
13496 Berlin
Tel: +49 221 569 2777
Tel: +49 221 569 2778

Alternatively you can also inform the pension fund responsible for you.

In order to check your continued eligibility, please give the following information if known:

  • your current nationality,
  • the country you plan to move to,
  • whether you plan to live there permanently or temporarily and if so, for how long,
  • your new address,
  • your new or continuing bank details with BIC and IBAN and
  • the date you plan to move.

Please tell us as much of this information as possible and also quote your insurance number.

Advice and Information

Of course you can also find out from us about your pension eligibility in another country before you decide to move. You are welcome to make an appointment for a  personal consultation at one of our information and advice centres.

Naturally Deutsche Rentenversicherung can also send you written information about your German pension eligibilities in a specific country. It’s enough to inform your pension insurance fund with a short message. Give your current nationality and the country as well as whether you plan to live there permanently or temporarily. Please make it clear in your request that you are only requesting information about a – possible – move, in order to avoid confusion. If you do then decide to move, please let us know in good time.

Health Insurance and Long-term Care Insurance

Naturally it is going to be important to you how you receive health and long-term care insurance in another country. This will depend on how you were insured up to now, which country you are moving to and whether you are moving temporarily or permanently, and if you also receive a pension from the country you are staying in. There are special regulations valid for the countries of the European Union and the countries Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

Under certain circumstances Deutsche Rentenversicherung can also grant you a supplement towards your health insurance contributions in another country.

If you have questions regarding your continued health and long-term care insurance abroad please get in touch with your health insurance company.

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