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Thank you for visiting our website. We take the protection of your personal information very seriously and we only collect, process and use your personal data in accordance with the statutory provisions. When obtaining comprehensive information on pension insurance from this website, we want you to feel secure in its use.

This data protection declaration indicates how we use personal information in connection with operating this website, including information about cookies, links and emails.

Definitions and principles

Data protection always concerns personal information such as names, addresses, email addresses and other data relating to persons.

In accordance with the principle of the efficient collection of data, we will only collect personal data that is necessary to meet your requests and which you have voluntarily given to us. 

Collection of personal data

Your visit to our website remains anonymous! For statistical and error analyses purposes only, the name of your internet service provider, the website from where you visited our website, the websites that you visit from our website, and the date and duration of your visit will be stored. This includes the IP address. Deutsche Rentenversicherung cannot however identify you personally from this. We do not compile user profiles. This statistical information is deleted after 90 days.

If you are requested to enter personal data (e.g. name, insurance number, email address or other contact addresses), the data transfer (as correspondingly indicated on the particular pages) will be performed using 128 Bit SSL data encryption (Secure Socket Layers), an internationally recognised security standard. Where a response is required from a regional insurance agency, your inquiry will be directed appropriately.

We would like to point out to you that by entering your personal data you do so voluntarily and we do not assume any liability for the misuse of personal data by third parties. You also have the option of sending postal orders or inquiries to an agency of Deutsche Rentenversicherung, or you can also visit one of our information and advice centres.

Email communication

Deutsche Rentenversicherung can of course be contacted by email. Please consider carefully, however, exactly what information you want to communicate using this insecure method. The official data protection agencies state very clearly that the security and confidentiality of emails is not reliable, and that it cannot be fully verified when receiving an email who exactly sent it, whether or not the content is “fictitious” or if it has been amended intentionally, incidentally or through a technical malfunction after it was sent. There is also a problem regarding confidentiality (data security), as it is possible that emails may be read by unauthorised persons thereby gaining knowledge of confidential matters.

An email is an electronic equivalent to a postcard without a signature, and can be read by a variety of people during transmission.

It is therefore not possible for us to relay all information by email. Email communication can be used for general inquiries (e.g. ordering brochures, arranging advice meetings, requests for clarification of a legal provision).
Confidential data, in particular evidential information, cannot be accepted by email. Where emails of this type are received, Deutsche Rentenversicherung will request the sender to communicate the particular inquiry by letter (changes to name, address, bank details, information regarding the current insurance record, scanned documents, notices from Deutsche Rentenversicherung human resource departments to employees, information requests regarding insured persons, pensioners, benefits recipients or other personal data).

Deutsche Rentenversicherung for its part also does not send emails with personal data or other confidential contents.
We ask for your understanding in this regard, and recommend that you do not send any sensitive or confidential information, and personal data in particular, unprotected via the internet. 


Deutsche Rentenversicherung only uses cookies in relation to its eServices. These cookies support the connection of your computer with our web server and remain active only as long as your browser is open. They are not used to store personal data or to discover any other data stored on your computer. The cookies are deactivated once the browser is closed. Cookies are not saved permanently to the hard drive of your computer. 

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