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  2. Working in Germany and in non-contracting states

Working in Germany and in non-contracting states

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If you are living outside Germany or intend to move abroad from Germany you are probably wondering how moving abroad will affect your future pension or the pension entitlements you have earned to date.

The European Community provisions are applicable in the Member States of the European Union and of the European Economic Area as well as in Switzerland. Moreover, Germany has concluded social security agreements with numerous countries. All other countries are also called non-contracting states.

This leaflet will provide a general overview of the consequences of working in non-contracting states and of the conditions for receiving a German pension if you reside in a non-contracting state as well as the amount of such a pension. Please contact your responsible German pension office for more specific information regarding your individual case. Are you already in receipt of a German state pension and intend to move abroad? Please contact us in good time to find out how moving abroad will affect your pension.